The Sudoku Gourmet
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About the project

The Sudoku Gourmet is a free retro-style RPG-like game about Sudoku variants, very light-hearted, with both some silly comedy and brain-stretching puzzles…
and made specifically for the YouTube channel Cracking The Cryptic!

This fan-made game was made by Wecoc using RPG maker XP. All the graphics and music are original. It also includes four puzzles by MaverickJd.
It has around 3~4 hours of gameplay. If you like the Puzzle hunts, you will probably like this game!


Download the game here: The Sudoku Gourmet (20MB)
To play it, simply run the Game.exe file, found in the main folder.

Important: New version v1.1 available!
The very last puzzle on the version 1.0 has two valid solutions, but the game accepts only one as valid. If you don't want to update the version, take that in mind!

Version Changelog

Spoiler :


- How can I update the game to the newest version without losing my progress?
To get the newest version of the game, download it from this page.
Then, go to the game's main folder of the previous version, search the file "Save.rxdata" and copy it to the new version's folder.
You should be able to continue the game from the last save.
After that, you can delete the old version's folder entirely.

- When I try to play the game, it displays a black window for a few seconds and then it closes. How can I fix this?
This is due to an incompatibility with the game's full screen mode and the Windows settings.
It's hard to know exactly why that happens, but trying to execute the file a few times seems to do the trick for some people.

- Does this game work on Linux?
Sadly, it doesn't work there without a Windows virtual box.

- The game settings menu only works on the map, not when solving a Sudoku puzzle. Is there any way to close the game from there?
Pressing F12 returns the game to the title. Be very cautious with that, because the game's progress after the last save will be lost!
You can also change between "Full screen" and "Window" mode by pressing Alt+Enter.

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